God Bless Texas (and Us All) During the COVID-19 Quarantine, by Stacy Trasancos

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May 29, 2020
Daily Reading & Meditation: Friday (May 29)
May 29, 2020

(Photos by Stacy Trasancos)

No one can ever take away true freedom in our hearts and minds, where worship begins.

By Stacy Trasancos, National Catholic Register, 5/28/20

When people ask me how we’re doing during the COVID-19 quarantine, I find myself blurting out, “We’re still standing!” I may be listening to too much Elton John, but by that statement I mean that we are struggling yet doing okay.

I think it has a lot to do with where we live in Texas. I was born in Texas and then lived two decades in various parts of the Northeast as an adult before moving back home a few years ago. There’s an attitude here I haven’t found in other parts of the country. East Texas people tend to use common sense and take care of themselves. They’re straight-talkers. The idea that we are subject to government dominance is foreign to us. We tend to think that if you need a helping hand, the one on the end of your arm is a pretty good place to start.

For example, as quarantine hit, my neighbors and I tacitly agreed among ourselves that our kids would quarantine together, an extended family so to speak, since none of us were going anywhere and our kids were already in contact with each other. The result is that our kids have been able to roam between houses, play outside in the woods, ride bikes, swim in the lake, and have sleepovers regularly.  …

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