13 States are Abortion-Free and 62 Abortion Businesses Have Closed Since Roe Overturned, by Anne Reed

Tennessee’s Last Three Abortion Facilities Will Close by the End of the Month
August 25, 2022
Contraception Double-Down, by Rodney Pelletier
August 25, 2022

By Anne Reed, LifeNews, Aug 24, 2022

Washington, DCIn the last few months, the landscape across the U.S. has changed drastically as many states work to protect the lives of innocent human beings growing in the womb.

After a week of investigative phone calls, Operation Rescue has determined that 62 abortion clinics have recently stopped performing abortions. Among those 62 clinics no longer killing babies, 18 closed altogether. North Dakota’s abortion ban is currently blocked, and abortion is legal. However, the last remaining abortion clinic closed, making it abortion free.

As a result, 13 states are currently abortion free. …

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