’17 Stats Show Pregnancy Centers Saving Lots of Lives

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By Charlie Butts, OneNewsNow, September 10, 2018

Pro-life pregnancy centers are having a financial impact on the communities they serve and saving lives as well.

The Charlotte Lozier Institute has compiled information obtained from 2,600 pregnancy centers about services provided in 2017.

Jorel Godsey of Hearbeat International say the 80-page report shows more than two million people were served last year.

“We calculated as much as $161 million is being leveraged for the sake of communities across the U.S. by local supporters of pregnancy centers,” she says, “who are really paying the centers to provide service to those in need in their own communities.”

The number of clinics that now have sonograms has more than doubled since 2008, which provided approximately 400,000 ultrasounds and saved a quarter-million unborn babies in 2017.

“If you were to calculate that just in raw numbers of what that would cost,” Godsey advises, “it would be over $100 million.”

Yet the service is provided free of charge, since nine out of 10 women who have a sonogram will not have an abortion.