2020 May Disrupt Democrat ‘Inertia’, by Chad Groening

Breathing Fire, by Robert Royal
October 5, 2020
Scandals And Scoundrels Abound, by Christopher Manion
October 5, 2020

By Chad Groening, OneNewsNow,  October 5, 2020

A conservative author and scholar says many Americans will vote Democrat this fall simply because it’s how they’ve always voted, but the events of this year may be what it takes to change minds.

Liberal political pundits are boasting that Joe Biden was able to maintain coherency for the most part in last week’s first presidential debate against President Trump. And while the reliability of polls is highly questionable, many surveys show Biden leading in many swing states.

“Some of those polls are propaganda polls meant to encourage Democrats and suppress the Trump base,” notes Michael Anton, a former senior national security official in the Trump administration. “They want to instill a kind of hopelessness and despair among Trump voters to say Oh, he can’t possibly win; it’s already over. I think there’s an element of that.”  …

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