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‘Thriving and Surviving Raising Thirteen’ book cover (photo: Anne Perrottet / Cover Illustration by Jen Charlton)

Everyone can benefit from the pearls of wisdom found in Anne Perrottet’s ‘Thriving and Surviving Raising Thirteen’

By Andrea Picciotti-Bayer, EWTN News, September 1, 2022

Andrea Picciotti-BayerI’ve crossed paths with Anne Perrottet, an Australian Catholic mother of 13, several times over the past six years. The first time was when my family had just returned to the United States after over a decade living in South America. With only suitcases, a few cherished possessions, and eight of my 10 children (the eldest two had already returned months earlier to study), I was now back home. The house my family rented was quickly furnished thanks to old friends, Craigslist and the Perrottets. Friends we had in common told me the family was moving back to their home in Australia and had several key items — a desk, some chairs and a table — that we needed.

A few years later, the Perrottets were back in the U.S. and I finally had the chance to meet Anne in person. Seated across from each other at a diner booth for lunch, Anne and I chatted about our lives, discovered that five of our children share names, and eventually confided in one another. That afternoon a friendship was forged. …

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