4 Things We Shouldn’t Forget Before Lent Begins for Our Children, by Christine Ponsard

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February 10, 2021
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Jeffrey Bruno

By Christine Ponsard, Aleteia, Feb. 10, 2021

Help your little ones approach Easter with encouragement and anticipation.

In a week, Lent begins! To help your children start this ascent to Easter on the right foot, it’s time to start planning. Consider a few pedagogical guidelines (this list is not definitive!).


All children are affected by Lent, but not all in the same way. We sometimes hear: “Oh, young children don’t have to do Lent!” But that’s not the point. Lent is not a chore, a bad time to get through somehow. Lent is a gift, a time of grace given to us. Why deprive the youngest of it? Having said that—with few exceptions—realities such as conversion or penance are meaningless for those under the age of five. For them, 40 days is an eternity! It’s up to us to decide when and how we can engage the attention of the youngest ones so as not to tire them out by Easter. …

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