The Price of Humanity, by Phillipe Champlain

A Happier Society Would Have More Children, by Tristan Justice
January 31, 2022
Fr. Ezra Sullivan: Dominican Moral Theologian: Why Vaccine Mandates Are Unreasonable
January 31, 2022

By Phillipe Champlain, Church Militant, January 28, 2022

30 pieces of silver for Christ — how many billions for mankind?


The lead stories from Church Militant’s Evening News on Jan. 17 are deeply disturbing. They describe a Vatican sellout to China and Big Pharma.

Just some of the headlines are:

  • Pope Francis pushes the jab as part of the great global reset

  • The Vatican receives $1.6 billion in bribes every year from China

  • Pfizer CEO meets privately with Pope Francis

The Catholic Church, over its long history, has been sold out before by some of its prelates. But never on this scale (or to this depth of depravity). This unfolding scandal eclipses anything that transpired during the time of the Borgias in the 14th century. The Borgias, to their credit, did not attempt to undermine the health of the entire world by the inoculation of every living being. …

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