50 Palestinians Killed Rioting Over U.S. Embassy Were Terrorists

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By Michael F. Haverluck, OneNewsNow, May 17, 2018

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) announced that most of the 61 rioters killed Monday during the violent Hamas-organized Gaza border protest of the United States Embassy opening were Islamic Palestinian terrorists.

In an interview with Baladna TV, a private Palestinian news outlet that broadcasts via Facebook, senior Hamas official Salah Bardawil said 50 out of the protesters killed Monday were Hamas members, with the others being “from the people.” That’s according to The Associated Press.

Another social media announcement by Israel’s national security revealed that each of the two dozen Muslim militant casualties belonged to Islamic terrorist groups.

“Most were active Hamas terror organization operatives, and some were active operatives of Palestinian Islamic Jihad,” IDF tweeted on Tuesday.

Unleashing and inciting violence was reportedly the name of the game orchestrated by key Hamas operatives for Palestinian militants and Islamic jihadists to play out.

“Civilian demonstrators in the ‘March of Return’ protests – which have raged for over six weeks – stormed the Israel-Gaza border, throwing rocks at Israeli troops, setting fires, and flying kites with burning fuel into fields near Israeli citizens, lighting farmland on fire,” National Review reported. “Behind the protests is Hamas, which governs Gaza and is regarded as a terrorist group by the U.S., Israel and the European Union.”

Using Palestinian youth as bait

Hamas leaders strategized to have Palestinian youth draw Israeli fire.

“The group has encouraged civilians – especially teenagers and children – to approach the Israeli border during the mass protests, according to Shin Bet – Israel’s internal security service,” National Review’s Mairead McArdle informed. “Meanwhile, its own members have avoided getting shot by hanging back and waiting for civilians to breach the border, after which they intend[ed] to cross and attack Israelis.”

The anti-Semitic rioters were venting their outrage that the U.S. acknowledges Jerusalem as Israel’s official capital by setting up its embassy there, which Palestinians claim to be their own capital.

“Violent clashes erupted Monday between Palestinian protesters and the IDF on the Gaza border on the backdrop of the opening of the new U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem,” YNetNews.com explained. “This is the highest Palestinian death toll [61] since Operation Protective Edge in 2014.”

Don’t mess with Israel …

Israel was more than prepared to put down the violent assault on its border with Gaza, which had all the appearances of a staged attack that turned the area into a virtual war zone.

“IDF fighter jets and tanks then attacked Hamas targets in a training camp in Jabalia, in the northern Gaza Strip, following earlier attempts to plant an explosive device on the fence and gunfire at soldiers,” YNetNews.com’s Yoav Zitun and Elior Levy relayed. “About 40,000 Palestinians … gathered near the fence in 13 hot spots along the border [beginning in] the morning hours. Several thousand others were located in the tent area about half a kilometer from the fence.”

In addition to the death toll of 61, more than 2,500 Palestinians suffered physically after instigating the violent clash.

“More than 1,200 were shot and wounded, with 116 in serious or critical condition,” Zitun and Levy added. “About 1,200 others suffered other types of injuries, including from tear gas, Palestinian sources said.”

Iran fueling jihadist propaganda against Israel

The Jewish State discovered that its Middle Eastern enemy to the east, the Islamic Republic, was financially behind the jihadist attack.

“Israel said Iran is funding Hamas’s violence at the border, citing information gathered from interrogations,” McArdle noted.

This account was corroborated on the Internet by the anti-Semitic terrorist group that Iran planted near the Israel border to attack Jews.

“Saraya al-Quds – the armed wing of the Iran-sponsored Palestinian Islamic Jihad – published pictures of three ‘heroic martyrs’ they said were killed on Monday,” McArdle shared.

Photos of the Islamic “martyrs” were also disseminated via social media.

“Gaza: First martyrdom pictures coming in, ten killed were members of Hamas’ internal security apparatus,” Bjorn Stritzel tweeted on Monday.

After countering the attempted border breaches with seven strikes hitting Hamas military targets, the IDF warned it will not cease protecting its border.

“[We] will continue to prevent mass terror attacks, which have largely been orchestrated by the Hamas terror organization,” the IDF declared in a statement, according to National Review. “All terror activity will be met with a harsh response. IDF troops will continue to defend Israel and its civilians.”

Palestinians reject Israeli aid

With Israel lamenting that the Palestinian militants forced it to use deadly force to protect its own people, the IDF dispatched supplies to the aggressors to aid their recovery, but the terrorist-led rioters rejected the generous offer.

“Hamas turned away two large truckloads of Israeli humanitarian aid intended to relieve medical shortages in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday,” the Jerusalem Post reported. “The IDF said it coordinated the transfer of eight truckloads of vital medical equipment through the Kerem Shalom crossing due to severe humanitarian conditions in the Hamas-controlled enclave, with hospitals struggling to treat Palestinians wounded in clashes on the Israel-Gaza border on Monday and Tuesday.”

However, supplies from the terrorist-led Palestinian Authority and a pro-Palestinian United Nations agency were gladly received.

“Hamas accepted four trucks of aid supplied by the Palestinian Authority and two trucks supplied by UNICEF, but two truckloads of medical aid provided by the IDF were turned away when the origin of the equipment became apparent,” the Jerusalem Post’s Eytan Halon noted. “In addition to 53 tons of medical equipment set to be transported into Gaza this week via the crossing, the increased Israeli aid included more than 14,000 units of intravenous infusions, 40 medical basins, 20 medical examination couches, 25 infusion stands, 85,000 disinfectant pads and 12,500 bandages.”

Israel’s effort to assist the very group that violently attacked it was underway shortly after the conflict abated.

“The transfer was facilitated by the IDF in coordination with the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) and the Gaza District Coordination and Liaison office,” Halon continued.

Israel footed the costly bill for the dispatched Palestinian aid despite having to spend millions to repair the hostile group’s damage on its border.

“Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman approved the reopening of the crossing on Monday – three days after Palestinian protesters set it ablaze for a second time in two weeks – causing damage worth NIS 30 million ($8.3m) to the crossing’s infrastructure,” Halon pointed out.