7 Irish Prayers to Give You Spiritual Strength, by Philip Kosloski

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March 17, 2021
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By Philip Kosloski, Aleteia, 03/17/21

There are many rich and beautiful prayers from Ireland that can boost your spiritual life.

Christians in Ireland have developed a beautiful collection of prayers that many find spiritually uplifting.

The original authors of the prayers are not always known, as the texts are ancient and were passed on over many generations.

Here is a short list of 7 beautiful prayers that you should check out, even if you are not Irish!

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  1. Prayer to St. Brigid for protection from evil – Here is a prayer to St. Brigid that asks for her protection from evil and all danger, lighting the way on the path to virtue.

  2. Pray to St. Patrick with this beloved prayer – A popular prayer in honor of St. Patrick that is often printed on the backs of holy cards. Though the author is unknown, it is a favorite prayer, appealing with its lyric quality.

  3. An ancient Irish litany to the Blessed Virgin Mary– It is likely that this litany was used at the monastery of Clonsast around the year 725 and was later translated into Latin. ….

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