7 Things Women Don’t Understand About Men

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By Paul Murano, Church Militant, January 6, 2023

Paul Murano holds a doctorate in theology, a master’s in philosophy and one in religious studies, and is certified in health care ethics. He is a writer and producer at Church Militant. Paul has also taught at several colleges and universities, and has been producer and host of his podcast, Beneath the Surface, since 2003.

Many women are clueless, others shocked

The battle of the sexes began to rage as soon as our first parents consumed the forbidden fruit. Indeed, the disorder introduced by Adam and Eve’s primordial act of disobedience frustrated the ability of future men and women to understand each other and introduced a tension into the sexual dynamic. And the political correctness of the present age has only added another layer of confusion to the mix. But if women would bear in mind seven little-known facts about the nature of men — facts about how men see, think, love, react, struggle, need and yearn — it would go a long way in avoiding and mitigating misunderstandings, in regaining some of what was lost east of Eden.

At the outset, permit me to call your attention to three scholia, which should inform your read: …

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