74 Members of Congress Have a Perfect Pro-Life, Pro-Family Voting Record, by Sarah Holliday, by Sarah Holliday

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July 5, 2024
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U.S. Capitol, Senate side. (photo: Public domain)

By Sarah Holliday, LifeNews, July 3, 2024

LifeNews Note: Sarah Holliday is a reporter at The Washington Stand, where this originally appeared.

Washington, DCLast week, Family Research Council’s legislative arm, FRC Action, released the annual Vote Scorecard that tracks where members of Congress stand in their commitment to supporting faith, family, and freedom. On the 2023 scorecard, FRC Action found that “69 U.S. representatives and five U.S. senators scored a perfect 100 percent for votes cast in 2023” in championing these values. As FRC President Tony Perkins emphasized in a statement, “Americans should be encouraged to know that they have so many members of Congress who, despite relentless attacks from the Left and the media, are standing strong for faith, family, and freedom.”

Jody Hice, former Congressman and president of FRC Action, also expressed hope, commenting: “This year’s One Hundred Percent Award winners have stood strong for all things faith, family, and freedom in the face of a determined Left. It is our honor to recognize these Members’ tireless efforts on Capitol Hill to ensure our voices continue to be heard.” As part of this recognition, it’s important to consider the specific actions some members of Congress have taken in protecting faith, family, and freedom. At FRC’s event awarding these congressmen, The Washington Stand asked what motivates their support. …

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