A CNN ‘Hero’ Tries Blowing Up Federal Agents, Democrats are Silent … and You Want to Talk About Tweets?

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By Al Perrotta, The Stream,  July 17, 2019

Al PerrottaToday’s news feeds are still filled with outrage over President Trump’s tweets suggesting the America-loathing congresswomen “go home.” (And “then come back” … a crucial line conveniently edited out of the coverage.) “The President’s a racist!” the Democrats and their media allies scream in unison. Michael Brown weighs in here on whether they’re right. John Zmirak does a masterly breakdown of the names Trump’s called here.

However, when you pay attention what “The Squad” or “Quartet of Contempt” actually says — and what they don’t say — and what their like-minded followers do there’s but one conclusion: This isn’t about race. It’s about revolution. This weekend was proof. And God help us. 

The Terrorist Attack

Did you know that on Saturday an Antifa terrorist tried to blow up an ICE detention facility? When that didn’t work, he ended up in a gun-battle with police. Did you know this same guy seems to have been hailed by CNN as a hero before the attack? And is being hailed as martyr since? Heck, CNN wanted you to send this terrorist’s group money.

His name was Willem Van Spronsen. He attacked the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, tossing Molotov cocktails towards a propane tank. Police responded to the scene, and Van Spronsen ended up killed. His intent was to murder, to burn ICE agents to death. Thank God the propane tank did not ignite. The difference between Van Spronsen and Timothy McVeigh? Efficiency. . ….

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