A Fine Time to Be a Catholic, by Robert R. Reilly

California’s Consecration to St. Joseph, by Martina Moyski
April 30, 2021
Arizona School Board Walks Out on Angry Parents, Who Then End Mask Mandate, by David McLoone
May 1, 2021

By Robert R. Reilly, Crisis Magazine, May 1, 2021

Robert R. Reilly is the author of America on Trial: A Defense of the Founding, forthcoming from Ignatius Press.

As the late, great Fr. James Schall reminded us, “St. Thomas Aquinas teaches that the greatest service that we can offer our neighbor is to know the truth, to speak the truth.” Austin Ruse offers this greatest service in his new book, Under Siege: No Finer Time to Be a Faithful Catholic.

Full disclosure: Austin and I are friends. Twenty some years ago, we had our first heart-to-heart chat in the way men should, over copious quantities of cognac, late one evening at a Fellowship of Catholic Scholars conference in the Midwest. 

I also have seen Austin in action at his Center for Family and Human Rights.  …

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