A Liberal Professor Admits to the Leftist Takeover of America, by Michael Brown

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January 4, 2023
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January 4, 2023

By Michael Brown, The Stream, January 3, 2023

Dr. Michael Brown (www.askdrbrown.org) is the host of the nationally syndicated Line of Fire radio program.  …



Michael BrownHow do we explain the increasing radicalization of our country? How do we explain the decided shift left?

Writing in the year 2000, Roger Kimball noted:

The Age of Aquarius did not end when the last electric guitar was unplugged at Woodstock. It lives on in our values and habits, in our tastes, pleasures, and aspirations. It lives on especially in our educational and cultural institutions, and in the degraded pop culture that permeates our lives like a corrosive fog. … Although sometimes tempted to ignore it, we are living in the aftermath of a momentous social and moral assault.

Kimball’s book was aptly titled The Long March: How the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s Changed America. Eight years later, in 2008, Kimball wrote Tenured Radicals: How Politics Has Corrupted Our Higher Education. How far has this corruptive process gone? …

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