In our metaphysically confused age, pro-life feminist groups like the New Wave Feminists are offering women an alternative to the Feminist Magisterium and its limited view of human personhood.

The NWF was founded in 2004 by purple-haired Destiny Herndon-De La Rosa. Herndon’s conception was unplanned. She calls her mother’s choice to carry her to term—and all the sacrifices that went along with it—a demonstration of “true feminist strength.” According to her, abortion is not a solution to women’s oppression, but a symptom of oppression:

We have this culture that trains women from a very young age that their sexuality is their only power, which…breaks women down from such a young age and sexualizes every aspect of their being. Then when they end up becoming pregnant, they feel like the merciful thing to do is have an abortion because they’re not good enough to be this child’s sole provider—that they can’t do it. So that all kind of goes back into…this mentality that women aren’t strong enough. And when we started putting those connections together, we realized that we couldn’t just be pro-life, we couldn’t just be feminist. These two both have much more in common than we even realized.

Though formally disinvited from the 2017 Women’s March for their pro-life stance, the new wave feminists attended the march anyway. “We don’t work toward making abortion illegal, but we work toward making it unthinkable and unnecessary by supporting women,” Herndon said. Much of their work includes advocating for women’s healthcare and offering opportunities to women in crisis pregnancies (most recently with the HelpAssistHer app). . ….