A Speech That Convinced a Dutch Philoshopher to be Catholic, by Paul Brock III

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April 26, 2023
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By Paul Brock III, Church Militant, April 25, 2023

Dr. Peter Kreeft’s ‘7 Reasons Why Everyone Should Be Catholic’

Prominent conservative commentator Eva Vlaardingerbroek was welcomed into the Catholic Church on Sunday. Her story, which is detailed extensively in an article by the National Catholic Register, highlights the spiritual reality of the culture war, the power of social media and the irrefutable claims of the One True Faith.

In her own words, the 26-year-old Dutch political philosopher credited YouTube speeches — and one in particular — as a major spark for her conversion. Just over one hour in length, the speech that Eva heard was enough to convince her that “Christ Himself founded the Church” and that “everything made sense.”

The speech that compelled Eva to become Catholic is fittingly titled “7 Reasons Why Everyone Should Be Catholic.” It was given by Dr. Peter Kreeft — a Catholic philosopher and convert — at a 2017 diocesan men’s conference in the diocese of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. …

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