A ‘Terrorist Organization’, by Michael Voris

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June 12, 2020
Violence In the Womb Is ‘Spilling Out’ Into the Streets, by Charlie Butts
June 12, 2020

Time for the truth.

By Michael Voris, Church Militant, June 8, 2020



A wave of anti-police sentiment is being pushed around the country by Marxist Democrats, including Joe Biden. 

The hate for police — a type of hate which is apparently okay because the Marxists give that hate their seal of approval — is being backed by not just Antifa, but also some backers of Black Lives Matter

Now, their hatred of all things police fails on a number of levels. First, many police officers, including police chiefs around the country, are black themselves. Second, the call to start defunding and dissolving various cities’ police forces is the final protection against an actual civil war breaking out.

Who will stop the violent assaults on law-abiding citizens and businesses if there are no police? The answer is no one, which is exactly what the forces of anarchy want. Law-abiding Americans are left defenseless — except for, of course, self-defense, which helps explain the near doubling of gun sales compared to this time last year. …

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