A Tough Day at Work? Don’t Crack, Recite This Prayer Instead by Anna Ashkova

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January 6, 2020
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By Anna Ashkova, Aleteia, Jan. 06, 2020

It’s not always easy keeping calm at work, especially when you’re facing a very demanding day.

You get to the office and find your mailbox already full of 30 unread messages. You hardly have time to read the first one when the phone starts ringing. An emergency needs immediate attention. Over the morning, the files start piling up in your in-tray while demands pour in left, right, and center. And the day has only just begun. In those circumstances, how do you remain productive without cracking up? There’s no magic formula to resolve all our worries with a snap of the fingers. But, there’s still prayer! In and of itself, it can often help you through this kind of day to stay calm and retain the sense of a job well done. If you think you don’t have the time to pray — because your phone just won’t stop ringing — here’s a prayer you can recite in a few seconds..

Lord Jesus, in vain do I work this hard

if you’re not here working beside me.

Be there at the heart of my activity

for, without You, I can do nothing.


Source:  https://aleteia.org/cp1/2020/01/06/a-tough-day-at-work-dont-crack-recite-this-prayer-instead/