A Wedding Homily: “Pray Your Rosary”, by Mike Bonifas

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September 9, 2019
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September 9, 2019

By Mike Bonifas, Those Catholic Men

There is a popular song by a man named Matt Stell that opens with these words:

Never been the kind to ask for help.
If a mountain needs moving, I move it myself.
I’m far from a preacher,
But I’m a believer.
And every single day I prayed for you.
I didn’t know your name,
I couldn’t see your face,
But I prayed for you.
It’s hard to fathom, didn’t know you from Adam,
But I prayed for you.

It is a song about a young man praying for his future wife long before he ever meets her.
There are many ways to pray, aren’t there? The Bible, as you know, tells us to pray without ceasing. That might sound hard to do, but, actually, it is not hard to do at all.
Like the message in that song, when our hearts are full of hope, every word we speak, every sacrifice we make, becomes a prayer to God.

My homily for Chris and Rachel—and for all of us—today revolves around prayer.
Some folks, when they hear the word prayer, think that prayer is mainly about asking for favors. But there is a much deeper kind of prayer.

There is the kind of prayer of remembering, for instance.
And the prayer of gratitude.
And, sometimes, we join them together.

Here is an example:

You step through the door of the house where you live at the close of the day and you become aware of all your blessings—and all the memories of your blessings—crammed into the rooms of that house where you live.

What a wonderful prayer that is! ….


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