Abortion and Social Justice: The Case of ‘Liberal Eugenics’, by John Grondelski

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June 8, 2020
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June 8, 2020

Eugenicist Margaret Sanger stands on the steps of a courthouse in Brooklyn, New York, in 1917.

Is eugenics wrong only when it’s forced, or is it wrong because it’s intrinsically wrong?

By John Grondelski EWTN News, 6/7/20

Abortion and Social Justice was the title of a book edited almost 50 years ago by Thomas Hilgers and Dennis Horan. The title is instructive, because the editors wanted to situate discussion of abortion not as part of sexual ethics or even bioethics but as a social justice question. Nine years ago, ex-priest Thomas Williams returned to the same question, writing about “Abortion as a Social Justice Issue” and detailing the baneful consequences flowing from the fact that “de facto abortion is excluded presently from the realm of Catholic social teaching.”

Fifty years ago, abortion was increasingly recognized as a social justice issue, both in terms of the treatment of the unborn and of the conditions and situations that made women believe they needed to resort to abortion. One should remember that back then social liberals — including liberal Democrats — not only voted against abortion but co-sponsored a constitutional amendment to overturn Roe. William Proxmire, Thomas Eagleton, Harold Hughes and Mark Hatfield were card-carrying liberals.  …

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