Abortion and the Problem of the “Parental Project”, by John M. Grondelski

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January 21, 2022
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January 21, 2022

*Image: The Adoration of the Christ Child by a follower of Jan Joest of Kalkar, c. 1515 [The MET, New York]. The two insets shown (upper middle and to Our Lady’s left in the painting) are thought by some to depict Down syndrome people.

By John M. Grondelski, The Catholic Thing, Jan. 21, 2022

John Grondelski (Ph.D., Fordham) was former associate dean of the School of Theology, Seton Hall University, South Orange, New Jersey.  All views expressed herein are exclusively his.

John M. GrondelskiAs tens of thousands of people gather again in Washington today for the annual March for Life, it’s worth noting not only pro-life gains in multiple states but also growing medical evidence for opposition to abortion.

For example, buried in the press just recently over the New Year’s weekend was New York Times story that failed to receive the serious attention it deserved: “When They Warn of Rare Disorders, These Prenatal Tests are Usually Wrong.”

The gist of the report was that various blood tests used early in pregnancy to detect rare genetically-based illnesses are about 85 percent wrong.  The report was quick, however, to imply that, as regards to the tests’ original targets – people with Down syndrome – they “worked very well.”  Translated into concrete terms, this means that they eliminated the “disease” by eliminating those who had Down syndrome. …