Abortion: I Wrote Louisiana’s Pro-Life Law. The Supreme Court Ruled Against Women’s Health. by Katrina Jackson

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July 2, 2020
Chief Justice Roberts Sends Troubling Signals in Louisiana Abortion Case, by Lauretta Brown
July 3, 2020

Louisiana State Senator Katrina Jackson (D-Monroe) represents the 34th Louisiana Senate District. 2020. YouTube

This legislation was not a matter of the underlying legality of abortion. Instead, it made sure that women in abortion clinics would be protected.

By Katrina Jackson, Opinion contributor, USA Today, June 30. 2020

Louisiana State Senator Katrina Jackson (D-Monroe) represents the 34th Louisiana Senate District.

This week the United States Supreme Court issued a tragic decision in June Medical Services v. Russo to continue putting the interests of for-profit abortion businesses ahead of the health and safety of women by striking down legislation I authored in 2014 called the “Unsafe Abortion Protection Act.”

My desire to author the legislation came from listening to the stories of women hurt by abortion as I sat on the Louisiana Health and Welfare Committee and placing myself in their shoes. As I listened, I learned that the women of Louisiana were suffering because of the negligence of medical professionals and deplorable conditions at our state’s abortion facilities.

It was alarming to me, for example, that one of our state’s primary abortion clinics, Delta Clinic of Baton Rouge, had a decades-long history of unsanitary conditions and substandard medical care that most recently led to a woman requiring a full hysterectomy following an incomplete abortion. The clinic did not even have IV fluids on hand, and due to their negligence, upon arrival at the hospital the patient needed four units of blood over the course of three days. …

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