Abp. Viganò on Truth Over Fear: COVID-19, the Vaccine, and the Great Reset

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March 27, 2021
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March 29, 2021

Detail of the famous fresco entitled the 'Sermons and Deeds of the Antichrist' by Luca Signorelli at the Signorelli chapel at Orvieto

This crisis serves to create the conditions necessary to make the Great Reset inevitable, that is, the transition from the world based on Greco-Roman civilization and Christianity to a world without a soul, without roots, without ideals. In practice, it is the passage from the Kingdom of Christ to the Kingdom of the Antichrist

By Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, LifeSiteNews, March 25. 2021

This Letter reflects in large measure the intervention I will be giving to attendees of the upcoming summit “Truth Over Fear: Covid-19, the Vaccine, and the Great Reset,” on April 30-May 1, 2021, organized by Patrick Coffin. This vital event features over 20 of the world’s top doctors, researchers, and attorneys, and will deliver a scientific and common sense approach to the pseudo-pandemic. All people have a right to informed consent. 

March 25, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — What we have learned so far about the pseudo-pandemic gives us the picture of a disturbing reality and of an even more disturbing criminal conspiracy hatched by misguided minds. This reality, however, is not taken into consideration by those who, hypnotized by media indoctrination, persist in considering a serious seasonal influenza as a pandemic scourge, known treatments as ineffective, and the so-called vaccines that are admittedly useless and harmful as nothing short of miraculous.  …

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