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By Abp. Carlo Maria Viganò, Church Militant, December 16, 2020   

Come, O Emmanuel: Free your captive people!

Dear friends of Duc in altum, as Christmas approaches, I asked Abp. Carlo Maria Viganò for a meditation on the months we have lived and what awaits us. The archbishop kindly sent it to me and I gladly propose it to you all.

Be Not Afraid.

Meditation while waiting for the birth of the Most Holy Redeemer

Sleep, O Celestial: the peoples

Who was born they do not know;

But the day will come that noble

Yours will be;

That in that humble rest,

That in the hidden dust,

They will know the King.

[Alessandro] Manzoni,“Christmas”

In less than two weeks, by the grace of God, this 2020 — marked by terrible events and great social upheavals — will end. Allow me to offer a brief reflection, with which to turn a supernatural gaze both to the recent past and to the imminent future.

Livestream Mass

The months that we leave behind represent one of the darkest moments in the history of humanity: For the first time, since the birth of the Savior, the holy keys were used to close the churches and limit the celebration of the Mass and the sacraments, almost anticipating the abolition of the daily Sacrifice prophesied by Daniel, which will take place during the reign of the Antichrist. 

For the first time, many of us were forced on Easter Sunday to attend services via the internet, depriving us of Communion. For the first time, we became aware, with pain and dismay, of the desertion of our bishops and our parish priests, barricaded in their palaces and in their rectory for fear of a malady that has claimed almost the same number of victims as the seasonal flu in recent years.

Spiritual Abandonment

We have seen — so to speak — the generals and officers abandon their army, and in some cases join the enemy side, imposing an unconditional surrender to the absurd reasons for the pseudo-pandemic. Never, over the centuries, has so much pusillanimity, so much cowardice, so much desire to indulge our persecutors found fertile ground in those who should be guides and leaders for us.   …

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