ACLU Video a How-to Guide to Keep Parents in Dark, by Charlie Butts

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By Charlie Butts (OneNewsNow, July 11, 2019

CA ACLU meetingLeaked video from a public school seminar in California shows an ACLU attorney coaching teachers about helping students hide abortions from their parents.

The video, recorded in June, also shows the attorney and school staff discussing explicit sex-ed lessons and how California law ensures students must sit through them without parental involvement. 

Our Watch, a conservative watchdog group led by Pastor Tim Thompson, released the video (see below) as part of its stated mission to wake up parents and churches about the far-left effort to influence their children. 

Thompson tells OneNewsNow the video shows Ruth Dawson, the ACLU attorney, training teachers on how to help students sneakily leave campus to obtain an abortion, or even transgender therapy, without a record of the absence. ….