African Nations Oppose Abortion Group’s Population Control, by Charlie Butts

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December 13, 2018
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By Charlie Butts, OneNewsNow, December 13, 2018

African leaders are supporting a concerted push against a major abortion provider which could bear fruit in more nations across the continent.

For years, international population suppression organizations that promote abortion have been doing abortions in Africa – including in countries that oppose it.

Now, the governments of Kenya, Niger and Zambia have ordered Marie Stopes International to stop administering illegal abortions, or else.

Brian Clowes of Human Life International told OneNewsNow that the bold move by the three nations is no surprise – especially since Marie Stopes has no regard for the custom, culture or laws in Africa … including at its home base in England.

“The United Kingdom’s government found that [the preborn babies of] women were being aborted without their consent,” Clowes pointed out. “Bodies of preborn babies were just thrown into trash cans and put out in a dumpster.”

He stressed that the lethal procedures were disturbingly performed in an underhanded fashion.

“Staff were completely ignorant about basic surgical procedures, and they were just signing forms in bulk to approve abortions – showing that the procedures were done safely,” Clowes added.

Approval was given — even if the abortions were not performed safely.

In Africa – where there are religious or cultural prohibitions against abortion – action against Marie Stopes is welcomed.

“The only people who seem to be against us are the big nongovernmental organizations and some of the elite – like the media that have been bought and paid for … all over the world,” Clowes stressed. “But 95 percent of the people are with us on this.”

Clowes noted that he would not be surprised if other African nations decide to order Marie Stopes to stop illegal abortions – or just give them the boot.