Aleteia: Photo of Doctor Praying the Rosary in COVID-19 Hospital Goes Viral

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July 21, 2020
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July 21, 2020

Facebook-Luis Alberto Gallego | Fair Use

Aleteia, July 21, 2020

Faith and grace carry this doctor through the challenge of healing patients in an overwhelmed healthcare system.

Anesthesiologist Néstor Ramírez Arrieta of Colombia takes advantage of every opportunity to pray the Rosary when he has a chance in his workday. A friend of his who is an Evangelical Protestant pastor, Luis Alberto Gallego, took a photo of him at prayer (protective gear and all) and shared it on Facebook with a moving message:

“This image of my great friend and brother, the doctor anesthesiologist Nestor Ramírez, breaks my heart. He, like many doctors, endures endless shifts, and very intense emotional pressure that many of us would not be able to sustain. Even so, in short moments of rest, he takes out his rosary and dedicates himself to prayer. Although we differ in the way we worship and pray, can anyone doubt that GOD hears this prayer?”  …

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