America Rejects the Democrats’ Abortion Extremism, by Jane Clark Scharl

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By Jane Clark Scharl, Crisis Magazine, August 7, 2019

Jane Clark ScharlOne of the perils of living in America, ostensibly a democracy, is that we might start to think our elected officials represent the majority and are trying to justly balance various minority perspectives with the majority’s opinion.

Believing this would be a mistake. A quick look at the issue of abortion shows just how little American politicians care about representing the majority view, and it gives a wake-up call to Catholics who may have pinned their hopes on politics to end the travesty of abortion.

If all we do is listen to politicians and watch mainstream news, it may come as a shock to hear that pro-life people are a majority in America. To listen in on a political debate or pick up a mainstream newspaper, it seems like the vast majority of Americans are pro-abortion. A Gallup poll found that 51% of Americans think most other Americans are pro-abortion; only 35% thought they were mostly pro-life. ….