Amid Coronavirus Trials, Think of Heavenly Things, by John Horvat II

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April 9, 2020
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By John Horvat II, The Stream, April 7, 2020

 John Horvat II is a scholar, researcher, educator, international speaker and author of the book Return to Order. His writings have appeared worldwide including in The Wall Street Journal, The Christian Post, American Thinker, TheBlaze, Crisis, FOX News and The Washington Times, as well as other publications and websites. He gives more than 150 radio and TV interviews annually.

John Horvat IIIn times of great suffering like ours, it does us good to think about heavenly things. Such considerations are constant reminders that our greatest concerns should be our union with God in this world and the next.  Indeed, in times past, people commonly raised their hearts to Heaven, which made all their woes seem small.

Such thoughts are far from our normal self-centered lives. We live in a shallow, materialistic culture that avoids these supernatural topics. Worse yet, we cannot conceive Heaven because our minds are darkened by vice and worldly pleasures. We do not want to see anything beyond our petty concerns.

What makes it even more difficult is that we do not know the goal we should seek. True notions of Heaven are not often preached from the pulpits. At best, the common idea of Heaven is a boring cherub-filled place with no concerns. We lack those fiery preachers who make the joys of Heaven palpable and attractive. There are none to make us fear Hell and lament the loss of celestial bliss.     ….

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