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Here is an extremely detailed report about the peaceful part of the rally on Jan. 6.

By Thomas P. Smith, LifeSiteNews, Jan. 13, 2021

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Editor’s note (LifeSiteNews): This American Thinker report reveals what our four LifeSite staff on the ground and most others who were at the Jan. 6 Washington event experienced last Wednesday according to calls and emails we received. It presents a dramatically different account of that day from almost all of what the media have been portraying. 

The vast majority of the crowds in Washington that day were unaware of what began at the Capitol about 20 minutes or more before President Trump even finished his speech. Most, if not all, were dismayed after learning of the terrible hostilities that took place while they were there only to show support for President Trump, election integrity, and the American tradition of emphasis on the rule of law.

LifeSite journalists later gravitated to the Capitol building and observed and recorded some of the very disturbing events that took place there. They did not enter the building.

January 13, 2021 (American Thinker) — [Editor’s note: This may be the longest piece ever published at American Thinker in over a decade. We’re publishing it because it is the most detailed eyewitness report we’ve received primarily about the peaceful part of the rally, including the walk to the Capitol. The media has almost aggressively ignored these facts. Also, the level of detail matters because multiple people are trying to piece together events to determine how the entirety of January 6 played out. Stick with it. It’s fascinating and important.]

The Save America Rally, sponsored by Women For America First, was a totally separate happening from what took place inside the Capitol building. We’re still waiting for the media to figure that out. Yawn. Even so, they’re too biased to be honest and truthful enough to report the distinction so others around the world can know the difference, too. Trump was right when he exclaimed in his rally address that the biggest enemy of the country is the media. Our so-called “eyes” and “ears” are neither.

My brother and I arrived in D.C. at 8:30 a.m. and parked a few blocks north of the Capitol in a garage by the Hyatt Hotel. We walked toward the end of Pennsylvania Avenue and the Capitol came into view through the trees to our left. As we started walking down Pennsylvania Avenue, we looked back at the Capitol a few times. I’d never seen it and was impressed by its size and dominance in the landscape.  …

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