An Irish Blessing

Why is the Feast of St. Joseph on March 19?
March 18, 2019
Saint of the Day for March 19: St. Joseph, Husband of Mary (? – ?)
March 19, 2019

By Nancy Flory, The Stream, March 17, 2019

May your faith be strong as a mountain wall,
And subtle as the early morning mists.
May you believe that God’s power conquers all,
And his love through trouble and pain persists.
May your faith soar like a multi-colored bird,
And shine brighter than the blinding desert sun.
Because you know your prayers are ever heard
And Jesus waits when the final day is done.
And may God bless you,
The Father who rules the starry skies,
The Son who rose from the dead,
And the Spirit who comes in hope.

— Fr. Andrew Greeley, The Irish, p. 26