Angel Mom Slams Dems Protecting Illegals, Twitter Silences, by Michael F. Haverluck

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July 22, 2019
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By Michael F. Haverluck, OneNewsNow,  July 21, 2019

After Angel Mom Mary Ann Mendoza posted a series of tweets calling out Democrats and pro-immigration activists for protecting illegal aliens over American citizens, Twitter promptly suspended her account, demanding she remove her tweets in order to be reinstated.

Mendoza – the mother of 32-year police officer Brandon Mendoza, who was killed by a drunk illegal alien driving the wrong way on a highway in Mesa, Arizona, in May 2014 – has devoted her life to raising awareness about the harms of sanctuary city policies on American citizens, and now Twitter is silencing that voice … unless she deletes several tweets exposing how thousands of Americans are killed every year by the very illegal aliens Democrats champion as victims in the news.

Promote illegals or shut up

Mendoza notified Breitbart News about a message she received from Twitter claiming that a number of her posts “go against” its “standards of hate speech.”

“In order to sign back into her account, Mendoza said, Twitter has mandated that she delete the posts – something she said she will not do,” Breitbart reported.