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By Adriana Thurdekoos, Human Life International, June 12, 2019

As a recent week came to a close, I received a call from a man named Carlos. He prefaced his call by saying his girlfriend wanted to abort their child and he was desperate for her to continue her pregnancy. I asked to speak to his girlfriend, but that was deemed impossible, so I answered his questions as best I could.

This is a fictional depiction of Carlos and his girlfriend; we are not using his surname.

Carlos immigrated to this country several years ago and lives in a prominent place of South Florida. Well educated and cultured, yet his knowledge on this delicate subject was insufficient.

Carlos would call me four more times. He was still asking questions to help his girlfriend, who continued to resist speaking to me on the phone. She felt convicted in her decision to end her 6-week pregnancy. She’d made the abortion appointment and told Carlos the date, with no plans for him to accompany her.

The human factor has disappeared behind pro-abortion rhetoric, particularly those old phrases like ‘my body, my choice.’ But what about the baby’s choice or the father’s? Half of that child has the father’s DNA, and taking him out of the equation is an injustice. Carlos had the right to fight for his baby, that single life, but his voice is not recognized by the laws of the land.

Their little baby was aborted.

And both parents became victims of abortion, too. Carlos felt sadness, powerless, concerned, couldn’t sleep…and many more symptoms, such as those mentioned in the HLI brochure, “Men and Abortion.” When I spoke with him over the phone, I urged him to read a lot of this literature so that that he could better deal with post-abortion syndrome. I prayed with him, to try to make his “deep loneliness” turn to peace. He was even still worried about the physical and mental health of his girlfriend.

Adriana Thurdekoos of HLI Miami fields crisis pregnancy calls every week.

They had no contact for two weeks. Then he reached out again. She confessed that she, too, had felt alone and traumatized. She then went on to break her relationship with Carlos, a great human being, which often happens to post-abortive couples. Carlos was devastated by this break, as well as by the death of his son; he had only wanted to care for his little family. Now he has been getting treatment from Rachel’s Vineyard and Project Rachel, which give post-abortion counseling. Sporadically he rings us at HLI Miami.

This abortion changed Carlos’ life a lot, and it wasn’t his doing. But to prevent any future abortion, he is spreading the word among his friends and acquaintances about his experiences. He doesn’t want them to feel the terrible grief he felt. God can bring good out of evil; in Carlos I know we now have a warrior for the cause of Life. Not only that, he is ready to even visit abortion centers and join sidewalk counseling. And he may in the end save another life, even if it is someone else’s son or daughter, as all are precious to us and in the eyes of God.

Please keep Carlos in your prayers. If you, too, seek post-abortion healing, please click on the links in the article above (English/Spanish).