Another Nail in the Coffin: Vatican Produces Pachamama Coin on October 13th

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By En.News, October 14, 2020

The Vatican’s Mint issued on October 13 a ten-euro silver coin depicting “Mother Earth” (pictured). The image was designed by Luigi Oldani for World Earth Day. called the representation “Madre Terra” (Mother Earth, Pachamama). It shows a woman with hair of grain and pregnant with the globe. Oldani described it as “fertile and fruitful land, fertile and fruitful like a young woman,” the Vatican as a mother carrying the Earth in her womb to which we owe “care and love as if she were a daughter.”

The coin appeared on the first anniversary of the October 2019 Pachamama enthronement in the Vatican.

A second silver coin of a value of five-euro is dedicated to the World Day of Immigration and shows St Peter allegedly welcoming illegal immigrants.