Anthony Fauci: Pandemics are Increasing Because We’ve Provoked Mother Nature, by William M. Briggs

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September 7, 2020
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By William M. Briggs, a Sr. Contributor, The Stream, September 7, 2020

William M. Briggs is a Senior Contributor to The Stream. Author of Uncertainty, he is a writer, philosopher, and itinerant scientist living on a small but densely populated island in the Atlantic Ocean. …


William M BriggsWanna know what caused the wave of the past decade’s “unprecedented pandemic explosions,” of which COVID-19 is one?

Truckers and truck stop prostitution.

Yes. Or so says our very own Anthony “Never Shake Hands Again” Fauci, a fellow you might have seen on television striking various poses.

This is his (and David Morens’) scientific idea, stated scientifically in a new scientific paper, that the science says that truck stop prostitution, road-building, and disharmony with nature is causing “unprecedented pandemic explosions.”

Now this disharmony with Mother Ear … What’s that? You haven’t heard of these “unprecedented pandemic explosions”? Well, they’re diseases like the coronadoom. But before we get to our sins against Mother Earth, we need to understand what Fauci means by “unprecedented.”  ….

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