Archbishop Condemns Nancy Pelosi on Abortion: She Should “Protect and Support All Human Life”,  by Steven Ertelt, Micaiah Bilger

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March 29, 2023
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March 29, 2023

By Steven Ertelt, Micaiah Bilger, March 28, 2023

Washington, DCSan Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone is taking Nancy Pelosi to task for supporting abortion.

Last week, Pelosi claimed she is “pro-life” because she cares about born children during an event Thursday at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. She also rejected her Archbishop’s call to repent for supporting abortion.

Pelosi professes to be a devout Catholic but advocates for many policies that contradict Christian teachings, including abortion on demand.

Speaking at an event hosted by the university Center on Faith and Justice, the Democrat leader insisted that she both cares about children and supports killing them before they are born, the Independent Journal Review reports. …

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