Are You Ready to Follow Jesus? Good. Burn Bridges, Sink Ships, and Smash Computers.

Healing and Renewal for a Suffering Church, by Dr. James Tonkowich
August 9, 2019
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August 9, 2019

By TCM Guest Contributor, Those Catholic Men, 08 09 2019

You have probably heard the saying “Don’t burn your bridges.” This small snippet of wisdom is meant to teach us to keep all of our options open in case we need to retreat back to a place of safety. For example we may want to return to an old career after a new career doesn’t work out, so we depart from our current job keeping everything intact in case the new gig fails. This seems like sound advice.

You may have also heard the story of the Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés. Cortés and his men conquered the Aztecs. It is said that when Cortés landed in Mexico, he sank his own ships so that he and his men could not return to Spain. They had no choice but to carry out their mission of conquest if they wanted to survive. Regardless of what you think about the Spanish conquest of the Americas, Cortés’ career as a conquistador seems to have been successful.

What is the path of Christian discipleship? May we keep our bridges intact in case we want to retreat, or should we sink our ships and bravely march forward? ….