Astonishing New Developments on Musk, De-Population, Fr. Pavone, Ukraine War and More, by Steve Jalsevac

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December 24, 2022
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December 24, 2022

Globalists are propagandizing everyone on a massive scale in the media, in schools and from all government agencies to falsely believe that the world is doomed unless there are far fewer humans.

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Elon Musk does it again and blasts the World Economic Forum for their overpopulation ideology on Twitter. Musk, whom we certainly don’t agree with on many things, thankfully wisely reacted to WEF darling Jane Goodall’s view that the earth would be better off with a far lower population by saying that this philosophy “is the death of humanity.”

He has frequently stated that his greatest concern is the dangerously low birth rate of the world. Wall Street Silver, an investment forum, agrees with him, saying an impending “population collapse” and “low birth rates” will be the “real problem” for the world’s future.Musk and Wall Street Silver are correct, but almost all globalists are rapidly implementing their New World Order Great Reset under the totally false, anti-human assumption that the world is vastly overpopulated. …

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