Austin Ruse: Fr. Martin Unleashes Social Media Mob on Catholic Whistleblowers

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October 26, 2018
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October 26, 2018

By Austin Ruse, Crisis Magazine, October 26, 2018

Catholic Church employee Aaron Bianco says he has “endured physical and emotional violence” at the hands of Catholic laymen, watchdog groups, and media outlets. Specifically, he charges Church Militant and LifeSite News with slashing the tires of his car, making death threats, and physically attacking him outside of Mass.

Announcing his resignation after what he says has been a year of abuse, Bianco says the final straw was an article published October 16 by the Lepanto Institute that was also posted at LifeSite, a piece that included pictures of Bianco, his boyfriend, and his deceased mother, and supposedly revealed his home address. It should be pointed out that the photographs of Bianco, his boyfriend, and mother first ran with his cooperation in a video produced by the San Diego police after Bianco faced a deranged intruder at his Church office. What’s more, Lepanto/LifeSite did not reveal his home address. Even so, Bianco said the story by Lepanto and LifeSite constituted a hate crime and he was therefore leaving his Church job.

Bianco’s cause has been picked up by dissident Jesuit James Martin who has urged his nearly one million social media followers to get Facebook and Twitter to shut down LifeSite and Church Militant. He also called his followers to complain to their bishops. He, too, believes these groups must be silenced……continued reading…