Backlash to Amazon Synod Fathers’ Proposal of ‘Ecological Sins’, by Christine Niles

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October 11, 2019
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By Christine Niles, M.St. (Oxon.), J.D. , Church Militant, October 10, 2019

Catholics slam cardinals for diverting attention from priestly sex abuse crisis

VATICAN ( – The Amazon synod fathers are proposing to add sins against the environment to the list of traditional sins, and Catholics are slamming the move.

According to Vatican News, at Wednesday’s general congregation, the second working day of the Amazon Synod, various synod fathers weighed in about the need for “ecological conversion,” a phrase frequently bandied about in the Instrumentum Laboris (working document) as well as by synod leader Cdl. Claudio Hummes and others.

“A desire was also expressed for an ‘ecological conversion’ that would allow people see the gravity of sins against the environment as sins against God, against our neighbour, and against future generations,” states Vatican News. “This would imply a need to produce and spread more widely a theological literature that would include ‘ecological sins’ alongside traditional sins.”

This would imply a need to produce a theological literature that would include ‘ecological sins’ alongside traditional sins.

“There was a call from many quarters for the Church to become an ally to grassroots social movements,” Vatican News continues, “to humbly listen to and welcome the Amazonian worldview, and to come to a deeper understanding of the meaning given by local cultures to ritual symbols, a meaning often different from the ‘Western’ tradition.” …..