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July 21, 2021
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July 21, 2021

By Brad Miner, The Catholic Thing, July 21, 2021

Brad Miner is senior editor of The Catholic Thing, senior fellow of the Faith & Reason Institute, and a board member of Aid to the Church In Need USA. He is a former Literary Editor of National Review. …

Note: Cardinals Gerhard Mueller and Raymond Burke, Fr. Gerald Murray, and I will appear on EWTN’s “The World Over” with Raymond Arroyo at 8 PM ET tomorrow (Thursday) to continue the discussion of the pope’s new restrictions on the Traditional Latin Mass and other topics. Consult local listings for broadcast and rebroadcast times. These segments are also available on EWTN’s YouTube channel shortly after their first airing.   Robert Royal

I’m late to this celebration.

A few years ago, I began receiving email invitations to watch a crowdfunded TV series about Jesus. I ignored them. Then, more recently, friends began to ask me what I thought of the series, and I ignored them too. Finally, I decided to watch an episode or two, although mostly out of a perverse hunger to review it with the gimlet eye I bring to anything overhyped and under-produced.

Now, two full seasons into watching The Chosen (five more are planned), I happily admit I was wrong not to have begun watching when it was first released. Without a doubt, it’s the best-ever presentation of the life of Our Lord on film.

I’ve always been especially fond of Franco Zeffirelli’s 1977 miniseries, Jesus of Nazareth, which is both very painterly and very Catholic, features a truly all-star cast, and includes marvelous music by Maurice Jarre.  …

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