Battles Everywhere, by Michael Voris

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February 25, 2022
A Challenge Awaits the DC Convoy, by Douglas Andrews
February 25, 2022

Make sure you’re on the right side.

By Michael Voris, Church Militant, February 24, 2022



The recent crackdowns and overreaching by governments around the world (you listening, Canada?) are just proof of how far man has strayed from God.

These brutal tactics of beating the garbage out of people with excessive force, trampling them with horses, setting the dogs loose on them, tear-gassing them and a host of other immoral government actions are showing the world just how desperate the Left is becoming.

But cracking down on human rights (which, by the way, come from God, since we are made in His image — the imago Dei), all of this is really just the first step in smashing all rights.

When phony Catholic Justin Trudeau ordered the shutting down of citizens’ bank accounts — citizens who disagreed with him over his COVID mandates — it became clear that something far greater was at play here than just a bunch of trucks blocking streets in Ottawa. …

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