Believe What You See! The Radical Left’s Takedown of America, by Edward Haugland

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March 27, 2023
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By Edward Haugland, America Out Loud, March 26, 2023

Edward Haugland is a retired federal Senior Executive and US Air Force veteran. Ed had over four decades of service, including service as senior leader in the Intelligence Community and Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Energy, and State. …

Edward HauglandWake Up, America! We are in an undeclared war of terror, unfolding before your disbelieving eyes, shocked conscious, and overloaded cognitive domain.

Sometimes, we fail to believe what we see, as it shocks our consciousness. I’ll speak more about that specific phenomenon in a moment. This phenomenon is often reinforced by a cultural tendency in America to focus on the near-term, not strategic, and thereby miss the forest for the trees. That is to say; we can miss what’s happening right in front of us, that which we see with our eyes, but fail to fully absorb it as the context of the event shocks our system so greatly – we immediately shut down.

If we then consider the cultural tendency of Americans, to focus on the moment, and not think of, or view things, from a strategic perspective, we can be blinded not only to the moment, but to the broader events taking place before our eyes. We create a major potential vulnerability. A vulnerability, I contest, that our domestic and foreign enemies take advantage of. …

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