Benedict XVI’s How-to of Lectio Divina, by Kathleen N. Hattrup

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November 28, 2022
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November 28, 2022


By Kathleen N. Hattrup, Aleteia, 11/27/22

If you’re hoping to start praying with Scripture through Lectio Divina this season, here’s a handy four-step summary of how to do it.

In his 2010 document Verbum Domini (Word of the Lord), Benedict XVI offered a review of the “basic steps” of Lectio Divina, the prayerful reading of Scripture.

Here is what he said:


It opens with the reading (lectio) of a text, which leads to a desire to understand its true content: What does the biblical text say in itself? Without this, there is always a risk that the text will become a pretext for never moving beyond our own ideas. …

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