Biden Admin Tells Catholic Hospital to Blow Out This Sanctuary Candle or Stop Serving Patients, by Ryan Colby

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May 4, 2023
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May 4, 2023

sanctuary candle

By Ryan Colby, LifeNews, May 3, 2023

Washington, DCThe federal government recently told a Catholic hospital in Oklahoma to either blow out a small candle or stop serving elderly, disabled, and low-income patients. Saint Francis Health System, the twelfth largest hospital in the nation, keeps, with many prudent safeguards, a sacred candle always lit inside its hospital chapels, in accordance with its Catholic faith.

After a hospital inspection in February, the government said a single candle was too dangerous and now threatens to strip the hospital of the ability to accept Medicare, Medicaid, or CHIP if it does not extinguish the flame. Becket sent a letter to the Biden administration reminding it that Saint Francis has the right to religious freedom and warning federal bureaucrats to leave the candle alone. …

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