Biden Administration Has Been Flying Migrant Minors Out of Texas for Abortions, by Michael Haynes

Biden’s Bid to Take Over Our Elections, by Emmy Griffin
July 11, 2022
Marian Shrine Institutes ‘Shepherd Project’ to Pray for Each Individual US Bishop, by Joseph Pronechen
July 11, 2022

Sen. Joe Biden, shown asking questions at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing in 1993, was elated the year before when ‘Casey’ was decided in 1992. (photo: C-SPAN/Public domain via Wikicommons)

‘Biden officials are exploring ways to provide abortion access for pregnant women and girls in U.S. immigration custody in states with bans,’ wrote Reuters.

On July 5 Reuters issued a report on the state of the U.S.–Mexico border in light of the recent overturning of Roe v. Wade, entitled “Abortion worries heightened for unauthorized immigrants in the U.S.”  …

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