Biden FBI Restarts Social Media Censorship Push As Election Approaches, by P. Gardner Goldsmith

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By P. Gardner Goldsmith, MRC TV, May 13, 2024

As if taking inspiration from the legendary rock band, Genesis, the Biden FBI appears to be “turning it on again” when it comes to bullying and cajoling social media to censor our posts online.

The Federalist’s Shawn Fleetwood (no relation to Fleetwood Mac) reports that, even as the Bidenistas await the Supreme Court decision in “Murthy v. Missouri” the Biden FBI is turning on their tax-funded censorship machine.

“On Monday (May 6), Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., the chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, told reporters that federal agencies such as the FBI and Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) restarted discussions with Big Tech platforms. According to NextGov/FCW, this coordination will focus on ‘removing disinformation on their sites as the November presidential election nears.’ Warner claimed these talks resumed in March, around the same time oral arguments in Murthy v. Missouri — which centers on the feds’ censorship efforts — were heard before the U.S. Supreme Court.” …