Biden Has Declared War on Conservative Christians, by Raymond Wolfe

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September 8, 2022
Another ‘Catholic’ University Goes Woke
September 8, 2022

Official White House Photo

The Democrats want a fundamental transformation of America – similar to the Bolshevik or French Revolutions – to purge Christians from public life and abolish religious freedom as we know it.

By Raymond Wolfe, LifeSiteNews, Sep 7, 2022


(LifeSiteNews) – Last week, in one of the darkest moments of his abysmal presidency, Joe Biden made it clearer than ever: The Democratic Party is coming for Christians and anyone else who contradicts the left’s radical abortion and LGBT agendas.

In a primetime speech on Thursday at Philadelphia’s Independence Hall, Biden doubled down on Democrats’ latest attack line, declaring his political opponents an intolerable “threat” to America. …

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