Biden Regime is Proposing Amendments that Would Cede US Sovereignty to the Corrupt WHO Regarding National Healthcare Issues, by Joe Hoft

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May 13, 2022
The Next American Awakening Starts Here, by Mary Eberstadt
May 14, 2022

By Joe Hoft, Gateway Pundit, May 12, 2022

Earlier this week, Michele Bachmann was on the War Room and discussed the Biden Administration’s plan to hand over US authority for health care decisions to the World Health Organization.

Michele Bachmann explained the situation on the Biden War Room a couple of days ago.

According to America Out Loud.

On May 22-28, 2022, ultimate control over America’s healthcare system, and hence its national sovereignty, will be delivered for a vote to the World Health Organization’s governing legislative body, the World Health Assembly (WHA). …

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