Biden, the Bishops, and the New Face of Catholicism, by Monica Migliorino

Biden’s Band of Pro-Abort Catholics, by Paul Murano
January 23, 2021
Saint of the Day for January 23: St. Marianne Cope
January 23, 2021

By Monica Migliorino Miller, Crisis Magazine, Jan. 22, 20211

Monica Migliorino Miller is the Director of Citizens for a Pro-life Society. She holds a degree in Theatre Arts from Southern Illinois University and graduate degrees in Theology from Loyola University and Marquette University. …

Monica Migliorino MillerThe Catholic Church in America has been thrust into a new and unprecedented crisis—namely the election of Joseph Biden to the presidency. If not dealt with properly, Biden’s presidency will cause serious damage to the very truth of what it means to be Catholic. Of course, I am referring to the fact that while Biden professes the Catholic faith, he fully supports legalized abortion, same-sex “marriage” and transgenderism, and vowed that he will do all he can to advance these causes during his administration. Nonetheless, Biden’s practice of Catholicism will be on display for the whole world to observe—as he attends Mass and receives Holy Communion.  ….

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